How can a team win?

As we know from Pokemon Go and Ingress,  there are loads of  geo-locations all over the world  that Niantic  will use for players to interact with.   Similar to Ingress, these will be known as portals.  As you might expect, there needs to be a way of collecting and linking portals and so wizards will collect portkeys when they visit.  So far this is all sounding familiar to Ingress players, but the similarity ends there.

Instead of making triangles called fields (which effectively puts the covered area out of the game until the opposing side can take the field down) – wizards will link portals together to form Floo Networks, using up to 9 portals to make ‘circles’ that the Harry Potter houses will then be able to play inside.

All the portals inside the Floo Network will then only be ownable by players from that house.  They can form smaller Floo Networks inside, potentially circles inside/next to other circles.  These can then be linked outwards to the bigger networks, strengthening them all with magical powers such as protections and other defences.

Attacking a network

The only way for an opposing house to attack an existing Floo Network of an opposing house is from the outside.  Only the portals on the outside will be vulnerable.  However, any wizard inside the Floo Network will be able to use it to magically transport their character to the portal under attack and defend it.

It’s a bit like recharging in Ingress, but you actually stand a chance of succeeding.  Imagine a town encircled with everyone inside defending a portal under attack.  The attacker has no chance in isolation without some serious spells and defences.    However, a defending wizard can only defend one portal at a time.   Therefore it will take co-ordination  by an opposing house to attack multiple portals simultaneously in order to spread the defence thin enough to penetrate.   It sounds like the ultimate team game!

We gather that their will be a limit on how far any wizard can ‘travel’ in the Floo Network based on their level, so only the more experienced will be able to defend widely but we haven’t got any more details yet.  When we know, so will you.

In the meantime, get ready to unite and fight!


What is a Floo Network?

Just in case you’ve forgotten what a Floo Network is in the Harry Potter stories, here is an explanation by JK Rowling on Pottermore.