We’ve had an update about how exactly the Floo Networks will work.

We’ve already announced that gameplay will work from the outside in.  A ring of portals will be linked together to form a circular Floo Network that a house can then play inside.

Circles within Circles

In the image (obviously mocked up by us!) you can see several circles of portals that have been linked together using portkeys collected during gameplay.

We now know that a Floo Network inside another one will then be linkable from the inside one to the outside one – providing you have the portkey to do so (shown as blue lines).  These are only available once the internal network is complete, and only to other complete networks.  Making links between complete Floo Networks strengthens the outer network.  There will be some calculation that counts how many portals are connected together and the combined levels of protection in order to work out how strong the outer network is.

Other variations

Not all networks need to be inside the last one.  Different parts of a town can create their own networks, all under the protection of the whole.

Circles inside Circles










Defending the Floo Network

Imagine the network is under attack at portal B and you are at portal A.    You’re character will be able to travel along the network to fight and defend at B.  However, there will be some limit as to how many portals a wizard can travel through and therefore reward networks with well designed structures.