What will happen when you approach a portal?

As we know from Pokemon Go and Ingress, Niantic have locations across the world for their players to interact with.   Just like in Ingress, these will be known as portals and wizards will be able to interact with them in one of 3 states:  unclaimed; claimed by their own house; claimed by another house.  Let’s explore what happens in each:


An unclaimed portal will need an action to own it.  This may be a puzzle to solve, an action to perform with the wand (well, phone!) or a creature to tame.  The exciting news is that this won’t be the same for every house!    Just like getting into the common room at Hogwarts – different houses have different skill sets and so the challenges to own a portal will be different too.  Ravenclaw can expect more puzzles, we expect!

Claimed by their own house:

As a wizard approaches a friendly portal – that is: one owned by their own house – they will be warmly greeted and challenged to prove their worth by mastering a spell or protection charm.  This will involve either drawing a shape on their phone screen or waving their phone around (like a wand!) to copy the same movement.  Once mastered then the spell is theirs to keep and use later.

Claimed by another house:

This is where the battles take place!  A portal owned by another house will be protected in some way so that an opposing house has to fight and win before they can own it.  Once defeated, other wizards of the same house will then be able to add protections to it and secure it’s defence.

We are sure we will get more details soon.  In the meantime.  get ready to unite and fight!