We’ve had a thought about the Floo Network concept that we announced a few weeks ago.  We’re really liking this and we can begin to see how it’s going to work.

There will be a mechanism to link together portals to form the circle around an area.  We say ‘circle’ but really this could be a polygon of any shape with up to 9 points (but no fewer than 3) linked together.

Say that Gryffindor encircle a town and then turn it red, with smaller networks inside to strengthen it.  The other three houses will clearly want to reduce/remove this Floo Network.  However it may be rather difficult with just their own players and so are now motivated to work together to do so.  Potentially, short term alliances will be formed around strongholds of certain houses in order to defeat it.

Of course, once a network is removed then the alliance will be over as the other houses seek to put their own networks in place.  Exciting times and great potential for gameplay!